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Oasi San Francesco

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Oasi San Francesco

Bienvenue sur le site
Oasi San Francesco




Comfort in a moment of need


Our home offers warmth and hospitality to people who need to stay in Milan


for treatment or for the assistance of relatives admitted to health facilities in town
  • university student
  • young workers
  • people needing time for meditation and peace

The length of stay is for short periods of time.

Oasi S. Francesco is equipped with rooms for meetings, cultural events and spiritual retreats.
The logo of our Opera

Two hands searching for relief at a cool spring; but also two hands which draw water to quench thirst.

This detail of the beautiful stained glass window, by Prof. Sebastio, in the church of the Holy Patrons of Italy, sums up the spirit of Oasi S. Francesco: in a big city, in order to escape a desert of worries, of being a long way from home, of suffering and loneliness, a drop of water made up of a smile, reassuring words and friendship can provide great comfort.


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